Green Products Profile – OilEater – Celebrating our 25th year of Environmental Responsibility

Oil Eater products were founded on the concept of environmental
safety and responsibility. The brand was built by replacing environmentally
unsafe products such as solvent based cleaners with safer, biodegradable,
non-hazardous products.

They are proud to apply the SAFE logo to our complete line of environmentally
responsible products. These products include:

Oil Eater Cleaner/Degreaser
Oil Eater Orange Cleaner
Oil Eater “Naturals” Absorbents
Oil Eater Truck & Bus Wash

Each of these products has contributed to our Green Profile through:

*Lowering VOC levels
*Utilizing a primarily local supply chain
*Utilizing renewable resources
*Reusing resources
*Increasing concentrations
*Increasing the use of post consumer recycled raw materials

Their goal is to produce the lowest carbon footprint possible, with the
smallest Bio-impact. “We strive for this goal not only because it is
the right thing to do, but because in so doing we produce high quality
products at a low cost. From producing through use each of these
products supports the concept that being green is good business.”

For details on how we strive to achieve these goals, please call

Kafko International, Ltd.

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