The Globally Green Energy Consortium Opens New England Chapter

BOSTON – Today, Globally Green Energy Consortium (GGEC) announced the opening of the New England Chapter in Hyannis, Massachusetts. ”As a global forum, GGEC’s mission is to dramatically and continuously improve the ability of business, building owners, management and industry to reduce their Carbon Footprint,” said Zacharie Mondel, GGEC – CEO and Executive Director . “We believe that environmentally friendly business is profitable business.”

“Our goal is to complement current environmental efforts and initiatives being pursued by USGBC’s LEED, EPA’s Green Partnership and the Energy Star program,” states John Hemeon-McMahon, GGEC – New England Chapter Chief Executive Officer. “We intend to help public utilities, oil and gas companies raise awareness of their commitment to Sustainability and Green Energy.”

In addition to providing GGEC Carbon Credit Aggregation and Trading, Green and Sustainability Solution Certification and Incubation services, the GGEC – New England Chapter will be very active in supporting and promoting GGEC Greening & Cleaning America℠ Initiative in all New England States.

“We will actively promote Globally Green Hospitality Consortium (GGHC) services for the hospitality industry in New England,” said Robert Cardone, GGEC – New England Chapter Chief Financial Officer. “GGHC New England will provide to the hospitality industry in New England the resources needed to implement sustainable standards and practices offered by various green associations, State, and federal programs such as EPA Green Partnership, Energy Star and US Green Building Council’s LEED certification.”

“GGEC is committed to establishing chapter presences everywhere in the United States and the rest of the world.” said Mr. Mondel. “We will be announcing the opening of several chapters over the next few weeks. We are very pleased with the support afforded to GGEC by our members, partners as well as several Federal, State and Local agencies.”

About Global Green Energy Consortium (GGEC):

GGEC is a non-profit organization registered in the State of Delaware. The Consortium’s mission is to provide businesses and communities with the education and tools to effectively and efficiently implement sustainable and green energy initiatives. A primary objective is to align the offerings of the energy market segment with the needs of the business world to effectively reduce our energy usage and promote renewable energy technologies.

GGEC’s unique portfolio of services demonstrates the commitment to serve as a comprehensive source of energy conservation standards, certification and resources to facilitate implementation of sustainability initiatives across market segments.

GGEC recognizes the host of information and standards offered by numerous organizations and strives to consolidate, not duplicate current standards. A key message of the Consortium is that the implementation of energy and resource conservation initiatives can be profitable for all businesses.

For more information about the consortium and its objectives, please contact Rob Cardone, at 866-505-6869 or at

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