Smart Glass with a View


A seriously cool view that saves energy too. Sounds interesting doesn’t it. VIEW is a company on a mission. They manufacture Dynamic Glass creating entirely new possibilities to elevate occupant experience and change the way people think about architectural design.

VIEW helps to produce buildings with the expansive views everyone craves. Energy consumed by lighting, heating and air conditioning systems is reduced by about 20 percent a year in “a typical commercial installation.

Dynamic glass is more than glass. It’s about system design that brings it to life and makes it Intelligent.


Predictive Intelligence anticipates the sun’s movement, maintaining the optimum tint state for comfort and energy savings offering abundant natural light, greater occupant comfort and energy conservation all at the same time. Intelligent windows are alive and under your control. No heat, no glare, and no blinds – only savings on your next energy bill. How cool is that?

The sun is dynamic… windows should be too. View Dynamic Glass tints electronically transitioning seamlessly between four variable tint states, allowing visible light to shine in, and rejecting unwanted heat and glare… any time of the day or year. It’s like a new skin for buildings. This skin is alive. It can automatically adapt to changing external conditions.


Reaching out to a $100 billion market, it’s the next big thing in buildings. It’s highly energy-efficient. It’s how things should be built. This dramatic shift in building design was conceived by a team of entrepreneurs, partners and investors.

View’s cutting edge technology caught Corning’s attention that led to a $60 million investment. Khosla Ventures, General Electric Co. (GE), Sigma Partners LP and NanoDimension Management also helped fund the company raising over $180 million.

“About 25 billion square feet of glass a year is installed globally as external windows. That’s eight times as much glass used annually in liquid crystal display televisions, a market worth about $10 billion to $15 billion a year”, said Jeffrey Evenson, Corning’s senior vice president and operations chief of staff. “This is a big opportunity for us.”

Corning’s investment supports research and development to improve the quality of View’s product and create new applications through proprietary deposition process technologies and equipment that create the electrochromic layers.

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