Evolutions in Corporate Governance

book-image-ev-corp-govWhen the financial crisis hit in 2008, Alison Dempsey was already penning his doctoral thesis that became the basis for “Evolutions in Corporate Governance”. This book proposes a new paradigm for understanding, developing and maintaining standards of corporate governance.

Re-imagines a framework within which good corporate governance is addressed alongside profitability and competition

Makes a significant contribution to our knowledge of corporate governance and ethics

Contends that meaningful change in behaviour will come with a framework based on law and ethics

Proposes a timely framework to take on the forces of globalization and business influence

Essential for academics and practitioners researching and working towards better business ethics

“In an age when shareholder-driven capitalism and growth-obsessed multinationals are no longer fit for purpose, corporate governance is a gateway to business transformation. Yet so far, as a practice and as a movement, it has failed to live up to its potential. Dempsey helps us to understand why – and shows how corporate governance can be revitalised to beat at the heart of a more sustainable 21st century corporation.”
Wayne Visser, author of CSR 2.0: Transforming Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility

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