Amot Atrium Tower earns a pre-certification for LEED Platinum

For the first time in Israel: Amot Atrium Tower earned apre-certification for LEED Platinum green building certification

For the first time in Israel: Amot Atrium Tower earned a
pre-certification for LEED Platinum green building certification

Amot Atrium Investments has recently been awarded a pre-certification for a LEED Platinum level of green building, for the Amot Atrium Tower, that is currently being built in the Ramat Gan Business Center. With this, the Amot Atrium Tower has become the first office-building tower in Israel that is a candidate to be LEED Platinum certified – the highest certification of green building.

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building program, which was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), is the leading rating system for green building. It contains a list of practical and measurable strategies and solutions to be implemented in sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. There are four levels of LEED Certification: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum- and Amot Atrium is a candidate to be certified at the highest level: Platinum. The pre-certification was awarded to Amot Atrium after it implemented the different aspects at a high performance level in the plans for the building.


The certification is expected to conserve approximately 40% of current energy, according to the ASREA 90.1-2007 standard.

Other main features of the project include:

  • A surrounding Double Skin wall window, a first of its kind in Israel, which includes internal shadowing in between the two glasses, via a control system. The system tracks the movement of the sun, prevents heating of the building in the summer, prevents glare, and allows the entrance of a large amount of natural light to the working spaces. The advanced system allows for excellent working conditions for the tenants.
  • A wise use of advanced means of conserving energy such as movement detectors, daylight detectors and a varying supply of fresh air, in order to meet the requirements.
  • The project is planned to save 45% of water usage and incorporates different means to conserve and recycle water.
  • Partial use of solar energy which is produced on-site, in the volume of 1-2% of the building’s energy consumption.
  • Use of healthy materials that meet LEED’s strict requirements regarding Volatile Organic Compounds in the building stage.
  • Over 90% of populated spaces will have a view from a seated position.

The Atrium Tower was built between Jabotinsky and Ha’maayan streets, in the Ramat Gan Stock business center, on a space of approximately 581,251 square feet and has 39 floors. The site received the maximum LEED points on the “accessibility to public transportation criterion”, as it includes direct access for pedestrians to the Arlozorov train station and future light-rail (which are 300 feet from the entrance) with no need to cross any roads (two pedestrian bridges), preferential parking for petrol conserving vehicles and encouragement of travel by bicycle.

In addition, the Gross-Net ratio of the tower will be as low as 27% and the wall window space to floor space ratio will be as high as 60%. The wall window system will include a breathing casing framework, with automatic shadowing, which will allow energy conservation and maximum daylight in the office spaces.

The project was planned by the architect Professor Moshe Tzur. The certification process is accompanied by the professional support of Alpha Green Projects LTD.

Avi Mosler, CEO of Amot Investments, explains: “Amot Atrium is the flagship project of Amot, in terms of location and the high standards it was built in. That is why we decided to invest in the long process of designing the building in the highest level of LEED green building certification. We have learned from experience with similar towers abroad, that setting the LEED certification standard ensures that the value of the asset will rise further than other buildings. Research has also shown that the tenants’ identification and satisfaction with the building is better. Furthermore, it meets the requirements of many international companies, which condition their rental of office space in Israel with their being certified. Amot Atrium is a prestigious project with a spectacular and carefully planned design. The tower was built with 39 floors, with natural light entering the building, a surrounding wall window from floor to ceiling, and other designed features which cause the tower to shine – in every aspect – over the buildings in the Dan area.”

“With each new LEED-certified building, we get one step closer to USGBC’s vision of a sustainable built environment within a generation,” said Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chair, USGBC. “As the newest member of the LEED family of green buildings, Amot Atrium Tower is an important addition to the growing strength of the green building movement.”

About Amot
Amot, from the Alonei Hetz Group (62.55%) is active in the Israeli market for over 45 years and is one of the largest commercial real estate companies in Israel. Amot owns 93 investment assets in Israel, in the over-all space of 9,526,060 square feet (with 2,798,616 square feet of it being parking lots), and a number of units of land for development (3 of which are in building stages: “Amot Platinum” in Petach Tikvah, “Amot Atrium” in the Ramat Gan City area, and “Amot Park-tech” in Bet Dagan). The majority of its assets are in central Israel and have a high rate of occupation (approximately 96%). Amongst the leading assets are: Amot Investments Tower (formerly IBM House), Bet Amot Law, Bet Amot Insurance, Arim mall in Kfar Saba, Kiryat Ono mall, and a portfolio of 37 supermarkets across the country.

About The U.S. Green Building Council
The U.S. Green Building Council® is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. With a community comprising 78 local affiliates, more than 20,000 member companies and organizations, and more than 140,000 LEED® Professionals™, USGBC® is the driving force of an industry that is projected to contribute $554 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product from 2009-2013. USGBC leads an unlikely diverse constituency of builders and environmentalists, corporations and nonprofit organizations, elected officials and concerned citizens, and teachers and students. USGBC is the developer of the LEED green building certification program and the convenor of the Greenbuild® International Conference & Expo.

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